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We take responsibility for a safe environment in our factories very seriously as a global workwear company with our production lines.
That is, the majority of our products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, and our production lines are both BCSI and Sedex approved. By obtaining these certificates, we are contributing to the advancement of social and sustainable business practises.

By selecting Oeko-Tex® workwear with a Standard 100 label, we ensure that all of the components in our garments have been tested and treated for harmful substances. The products are made by a team of highly qualified employees who have been trained and cared for to work in a highly secure environment. Responsible production lines are intended to continue and strive for innovation and consistency in ensuring the safety of your garments  are safe for wearing.
To ensure that our high standards and certifications are all met, our garments are always checked for quality control before shipment and again once they arrive at our depots.
More about Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
If a textile item bears the STANDARD 100 designation, you can rest assured that every component of the item, including every thread, button, and other accessory, has been tested for dangerous compounds and is thus safe for human consumption. Several controlled and non-regulated compounds that may be detrimental to human health are included in the test. In many circumstances, the STANDARD 100 limit values exceed national and international regulations.
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What is BCI
Cotton is a highly sought natural renewable resource. BCI standards insures that companies safeguard the process of growing and production. From its start from 2005, BCI is now the largest sustainability program in the world. The stakeholders span from farmers, ginners, spinners, suppliers, manufactures, brand owners, retailers, civil society organisations and governments. An incredible 2,100 members are part of the BCI commitment by training farming communities to produce and source cotton.  
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What is Sedex
Sedex is a world leading ethical trade membership organisation with a mission to work with businesses to prove working conditions in global supply chains. 
The platform is an online tool and service to aid businesses to fully operate in a responsible and sustainable way that all workers are protected. We are extremely proud to be one of 60,000 members working collectively to manage our social and environmental performance and continue to improve our working conditions across the whole supply chain. 
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